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A personal development plan isn’t just for Christmas (or July)

Plan-Do-Reflect-Record spiral

So how is your personal development plan (PDP) faring? Are you carrying out your planned CPD activities, recording them and updating your PDP accordingly? Is it helping your career development and optimising the time you have set aside?  It should be, but it won't if the only attention it gets is at the end of the CPD year! The GDC made holdin...

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The End of the CPD Year is Nigh: Be Prepared!

End of the CPD Year is Nigh!

31 December 2018 marks the end of the first year under the enhanced CPD scheme for dentists. This date is now not only the deadline for paying the best part of £1000 for the annual retention fee and confirming that indemnity is in place, but also completing the minimum CPD requirement. A second deadline follows swiftly after: the annual CPD stateme...

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