A quick-start guide to The Dental Channel

Get up and running in no time!

1: Browse the site

Take a look at our CPD course library and blog articles. Use the search box to quickly locate specific topics or subject matter experts together with any related content.

2: Create your account

You will need to register to access both our community and CPD courses. Remember to sign up to our newsletter for regular updates via email (you need to opt in to do this; we want you to welcome our newsletters).

NB You may register using your Faceboook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google or Windows Live/Outlook.com accounts if you prefer; one less password to have to remember!

3: Enrol in your chosen courses

Once registered you may enrol in any free courses. For paid courses choose a subscription option. You may either Pay-As-You-Go or opt for one of our annual subscription bundles (great if you plan to participate regularly).

4: Measure impact

Use our built-in tools to implement your personal development plan, reflect on what you have learnt both formally and informally, set goals and then assess how this has effected change in your practice and patient care.

5: Build your professional network

Our community allows you to network with other members. If you use services like Facebook or LinkedIn, it will be familiar. Once registered your dashboard will display public posts by other members. We recommend:

  • Update your profile and adjust the privacy settings: when you register, only your name is visible to all members. Choose what information you wish to be available publically, to registered members, your friends, or private
  • Search for members you know and send a friend request.
  • Follow members whose posts you wish to see on your dashboard.
  • Join groups of interest or set up your own.

Earn recognition and kudos by participating in both the formal courses and our community. We welcome submission of articles for publication on the blog.

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