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A Beginner’s Guide to Implants

An introduction to the pros and cons of implants, the procedures involved and the means of restoring...
 £ 30

Acute pain: Effective management in general dental practice

The challenges presented by patients presenting in acute pain and their effective management
 £ 30

Aesthetic dentistry: Pontic design, soft tissue grafting, emergence profile and crown lengthening

A guide to the roles of pontic design, soft tissue grafting, emergence profile and crown lengthening...
 £ 30

An introduction to the management of facial deformity

The benefits and associated risks of orthognathic surgery in the management of facial deformity.
 £ 30

Back to the Future: the Evolution of Endodontics since 1998

The key development in endodontics in recent years and overview of the equipment, techniques, strate...
 £ 30

Biomaterials in Modern Endodontics

Understand the many practical applications of bioceramic materials in the management of the compromi...
 £ 30

Body dysmorphic disorder

An outline of the features and presentation of body dysmorphic disorder, with advice for clinicians....
 £ 30

Candida Infections of the Oral Cavity

Aetiology, presentation and management of oral candidosis and update in recent developments in oral ...
 £ 30

COVID-19: Oral healthcare in care homes

Inform dental professionals about providing oral care for care home residents in the light of the pa...
 £ 30

Current marketing trends and some associated dangers in orthodontics

Be better informed about "direct-to-consumer" dental services and how your practice could respond to...
 £ 30

Dental management of the medically compromised patient

How to assess and manage patients whose health is compromised
 £ 30

Diagnosis and management of common oral fungal and viral infections

The role of the dentist in recognising, managing or referring a range of common oral and peri-oral f...
 £ 30

Do no harm: adverse drug reactions that cause orofacial manifestations

The wide range of common drugs that can cause adverse drug reactions affecting the oral, head and ne...
 £ 30

Endodontics in a COVID-19 world

Managing patients presenting with acute endodontic disease under the COVID-19 pandemic.
 £ 30

Endodontics: Case Selection and Canal Location

Advice for GDPs from a highly experienced endodontist on how to select appropriate cases, and how no...
 £ 30

Four-handed dentistry

How to optimise the working environment for both dentist and nurse, prevent injuries and transform c...
 £ 25

Get stuck into luting!

Understand what luting cement is best suited to your preferred restorative materials and the procedu...
 £ 30

Getting in the habit: Applying the science of habit to oral health

This training investigates the science behind ‘habits’ and how an understanding can help promote...
 £ 50

How COVID-19 has changed dentistry: A quick glance into my professional and personal experiences since lockdown

Assist dental professionals when reviewing their understanding of how COVID-19 affects practice and ...
 £ 30

Immediate loading of dental implants

Risk factors that must be assessed in order to obtain predictable results for patients when immediat...
 £ 25

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